Besides modelling and experimentation, computer simulation has become the third pillar of science. Visualization and computer simulation are important foundations for understanding the complex contexts of systems and processes. They are crucial for understanding complicated dynamic processes whose analysis requires the multidimensional representation in space and time.

The combination of modelling, computer simulation and visualization – as part of mathematical methodology and information technology – has transformed scientific computing into a key technology that is critical in the global competition of science and industry. For that, better algorithms, programming methods, computer architectures and visualization approaches are needed. In addition, strengthening of this key technology requires an open-mindedness for scientific questions of various disciplines due to its interdisciplinary character. Without such interdisciplinary thinking, the complexity of the problems cannot be tackled.

This also means that scientific program development and the use of corresponding methods in a dedicated hardware environment as well as the understanding of computational results play an essential role in gaining scientific knowledge through Simulation Science.

RWTH Aachen University has invested in this area for many years to ensure that scientists are not limited by resource bottlenecks and to create a unique infrastructure in the university landscape. Especially in times of university competition for the best minds, this is an outstanding characteristic of location.


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