aiXcelerate 2018

Dec 3-5, 2018

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This year's aiXcelerate HPC Tuning Workshop will focus on the Intel Skylake (SKK) Microarchitecture, SIMD programming and performance tuning using Likwid, Intel VTune/Amplifier and Intel Advisor.

The nodes of CLAIX-2018, the latest RWTH Aachen University’s Supercomputer, are equipped with Intel Skylake processors and connected through a network with the Intel OmniPath architecture (OPA). It is a major extension of CLAIX-2016 system equipped with Intel  Broadwell processors and connected through OPA, too.

Researchers from FZ Jülich and RWTH with high demand for compute power can apply for resources on these systems as part of the JARA-HPC partition (>>> more... ).
Researchers from all over Germany can apply for resources on Claix (>>> more... ).

The workshop will consist of presentations open to a broader auditorium and of a hands-on tuning workshop for a limited number of selected computing projects.
Presentations will be given in English.

We are proud to announce Michael Klemm and Christopher Dahnken, two HPC performance experts from Intel, who will give presentations and support your tuning efforts. Furthermore, a presentation on detecting performance limiting factors with hardware monitoring using likwid will be given by Thomas Gruber (born Röhl) main developer of the Likwid tool. Experts of the HPC Team of the IT Center at RWTH Aachen University will assist in your tuning activities as well.