By Car

If you travel by car please use a trip planner.

  • Building Seffenter Weg 23, 52074 Aachen
    GPS: N 50°46'52'' E 6°03'58''
  • Building Kopernikusstraße 6, 52074 Aachen
    GPS: N 50°46'51" E6°03'57"
  • Building Wendlingweg 10, 52074 Aachen
    GPS: N 50°46'41", +6°02'56"

Useful map services are provided by OpenStreetMap - Deutschland . For current information on the traffic situation in the Aachen region please see Verkehrsinformationssystems This website requires Flash.

Parking at the IT Center

There are a number of parking lots close to the IT Center buildings. Visitors to our Melaten building at Wendlingweg may also use the "Melaten Süd" parking garage at Forckenbeckstraße.

However, most parking spaces require a permit or are rental spaces. The IT Center hands out parking permits for guests, which are valid in the "G" parking spaces (for guests).

Parking permits for the Kopernikusstraße 6 and Seffenter Weg 23 buildings are available at the front desk at the main entrance of the Seffenter Weg building. Guest parking permits for the Wendlingweg 10 building are handed out in the secretary's office.

Please note that cars parked without a parking permit may be towed without prior notice.

Public Transportation

The office buildings of the IT Center can be easily reached using public transportation. We advise you to plan your trip using the Deutsche Bahn and Aachener Verkehrsverbund (de) websites.
There is also a taxi rank next to the main station Aachen, so you could also take a cab for reaching the IT Center.

Bus stops Seffenter Weg 23 and Kopernikusstraße 6: "Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße" or "Seffenter Weg" (route 3A, 3B, 33, 73), "Seffenter Weg" (route 12, 22), "Westbahnhof" (local and regional traffic) can be reached by feet in 6 minutes.

Bus stops Wendlingweg 10: "Wendlingweg" (route 3A, 3B, 33, 73), "Rabentalweg Mensa Vita" (route 12, 22), "Uniklinik" (connection to all directions) can be reached by feet in 6 minutes.