Heuristics for Heterogeneous Memory (H2M)


In the DFG-funded project "Heuristics for Heterogeneous Memory" (H2M) RWTH Aachen University and the French project partner Inria are jointly developing support for new memory technologies such as High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) and Non Volatile Memory (NVRAM).These technologies are increasingly used in HPC systems as additional memory besides the common DRAM. To use them, applications currently have to be heavily modified and need to use platform- or manufacturer-specific APIs.

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H2M pursues the goal of providing portable interfaces in order to to identify available memories and their properties in a system and to access those. Based on this, abstractions and heuristics are developed to give application developers and runtime systems control to decide in which memory to place data and when to move data between different types of memory.

Further information is available at the project web page .



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