POP2 CoE proposal has been approved


POP2 extends and expands the activities successfully carried out by the POP Centre of Excellence since October 2015. The effort in the POP project resulted in more than 120 assessment services provided to customers in academia, research and industry helping them to understand the behavior better and improve the performance of their applications.


The external view, advice, and help provided by POP have been beneficial for many of these customers to significantly improve the performance of their codes by factors of 20% in some cases but up to 2x or even 10x in others. The POP experience was also precious to identify issues in methodologies and tools that if improved will reduce the assessment cycle time.

The objective of POP2 is to continue and enhance the POP project operating a Centre of Excellence in Computing Applications in the area of Performance Optimisation and Productivity with a particular focus on very large scale towards exascale. POP2 will continue the service-oriented activity, giving code developers, users and infrastructure operators an impartial external view that will help them improve their codes. We will still target the same categories of users and focus on identifying performance issues and proposing techniques that can support applications in the direction of exascale. Our objective is to perform 180 services over a three-year period.

Both RWTH Aachen University and FZ Jülich are a partner in the POP2 project with the JARA-HPC cross-sectional group Parallel Efficiency, and both receive funding for about three scientific staff members for the three-year project duration.

Details about the project can be found on the corresponding website Performance Optimisation and Productivity .