Book: Using OpenMP – The Next Step


Together with Ruud van der Pas and Eric Stotzer, Christian Terboven wrote the book "Using OpenMP - The Next Step", published with MIT Press. The book covers the complete OpenMP 4.5 language standard, with a focus on the practical use of the constructs and the presentation of their capabilities using many examples.


  • “OpenMP has grown over its twenty-plus-year history to include vector units, NUMA, irregular parallelism, and GPUs, but books to help you learn OpenMP have not kept pace—until the excellent team of van der Pas, Stotzer, and Terboven wrote this one. If you want to update your knowledge of OpenMP and move beyond parallel loops and basic multithreading, this is the book for you.”
    Tim Mattson, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel; author of Patterns for Parallel Programming
  • “This book is easy to read and well written. It has many practical examples and is a must have for everyone interested in making the best use of the OpenMP language.”
    – Michael Klemm, CEO of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board